Our vinyl compounds are formulated to meet specific customer requirements, including colour, and are available in either pellet or powder form. We have a wide range of injection moulding and extrusions compounds (flexible, rigid and cellular grades) used in many markets including automotive, construction, fencing, footwear, furniture, hose, pipe and recreational. We provide product in  500-800 kg gaylord  boxes or bulk containers.


Products and services

Experienced staff respond to the quality and development needs of our customers. We provide compound development and colour matching services. Each lot of material is tested to ensure it conforms to established specifications. We work with our customers to solve challenges using our equipment, resources and team of experts.

We help our customers to be better and to grow with us.We pride ourselves on being able to supply you with a high quality product that satisfies your needs.From the development of a new compound for a new application through to just-in-time delivery of our products, we respond rapidly to the requirements of our customers.

Technical Services

Our experienced personnel, comprehensive production facilities and access to resources enable us to be versatile and to act quickly to special delivery situations.


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